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Firesense Pilot Sites and Tests Monteferrato-Galceti Park, Prato (Italy)
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The fifth pilot application will be installed in the ANPIL-SIC protected area of Monteferrato-Galceti Park, in Prato, Italy. It is a unique area because of the biodiversity it guests, for  most of which it  is the locus classicus, and because of the ores of “green marbles of Prato” (serpentine) from which come the green decorations of the most important buildings in Tuscany such as the Duomo of Florence, of Pistoia, etc. Villas, monumental farms and churches (e.g. in Figline) further embellish the area. Of particular importance is the Galceti corner of the park where the Centre of Natural Science, the connected centre for fire prevention, the museum of natural science, and a series of facilities some for guesting wild animals, others for educational  purposes are  located.

The area is visited by about 40.000 persons/year, and in its 16ha it guests wild animals and birds for rehabilitation previous to their release (hence enclosures and volaries). Moreover there is a  Palaeolithic station with the Mousterian industry of Galceti. The site is used within an educational trip through prehistory, which ends at a reconstruction of a Palaeolithic cave and shelter (the Palaeolithic artefacts found in the area were made with red jasper, which surfaces nearby, and preserved at the Museum). FIRESENSE offers to protect the environmental park and the museum. The area is at strong risk of fire because it is in a pine wood.




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Position of Monteferrato-Galceti Park